Pensioners Pensioners

I’ve been drawing cartoons as long as I can remember. After a visit to IPC Magazines offices at the age of 13 it looked like that was going to be the direction I would take, but it never happened. A few years ago I started a number of comic strip stories, none of which ever were completed but are featured in this section of the site along with some pencil drawings of Disney characters and some other bits and pieces.

                I love Disney films, always have. The
                work involved in their animation is
                astounding. These few pencil drawings
                which I did in the mid nineties were hard
                work to get right - and the Disney
          artists had to draw them thousands of times
      over for the films. Even the thought of
having to draw Pinocchio more than once is
enough to give me a shiver. I’ll leave these to Disney!

Wonder Wobbler 01 Wonder Wobbler 01

Mybe I had a thing for old-aged pensioners
back in those days. I don’t know, but what I
do know is that I did start three comic
strips based around octogenarians!
The first was Wonder Wobbler
(Right), an old biddy with a bun
and a cape. This made it to
three pages before I found
something more interesting
to draw, and that something
was to give Wonder
Wobbler three friends and
let them all have super
powers too (left). The
third was Big Fat Uncle
Weirdy Beardy, who had
no super powers at all and
features elsewhere on this
site. Click the pages for the
full size versions of each strip.

The little chaps to the left are Potato and Chip. They were originally drawn by my son, Eddie and I used his design and made them into my style of cartoon and drew them out on the PC.
     We haven’t decided what’s going to
     become of them yet, but chances
     are they’ll turn up in s video sooner
     or later.


The jolly chap to the left is Big Fat Uncle Weirdy-Beardy - one of my favourite characters I’ve come up with over the years. His exploits actually reached an impressive (for me) six pages before they were abandoned and I started on something else, but I still have a feeling that I will be returning to Weirdy-Beardy, either in another comic strip or for a video.

As he’s one of my favourites, I think Weirdy-Beardy deserves a page all to himself.

Right: Something a little bit Christmassy

Left: Jonjey

Video artwork: Click here to see a selection of artwork used in making the Langford Toons.


Having drawn the above Sinclair Spectrum for a game I was making I decided, for no other reason but to amuse myself, to draw some other versions of famous Sinclair computers. These drawings can be downloaded in various formats here