Automania PC uses all the original Spectrum graphics enlarged, coloured and given that ‘Speccyvision’ look. It’s basically what the Spectrum version would have been with a broader palette and without that famous colour clash problem. See right hopw the original Wally has been given the Speccyvision treatment.

The last game I made was on the Amiga back in 1993. Writing anything on the PC just seemed far too daunting. But a few months ago I discovered Game Maker - a piece of software with a built in sprite editor, room makerand other odds and ends that makes the writing of games a bit simpler (though, as I found, the learning curve is still pretty steep)!

The game I decided to have a go at was a remake of an old ZX Spectrum favourite “Automania”. The game is pretty simple - move Wally Week around the garage collecting cart parts and avoiding the nasties. Once you have a part, pop next door and add it to the car then go back for more parts until the car  is complete - then it’s on to the next car.

Al ten cars from the original Spectrum version are here, plus one extra screen I put in as a bonus - though your chances of getting there are very slim as the game is rock hard! There is a cheat mode programmed in if you can find it…

My second PC game (which was actually started before the first one) is The Hunch - a remake of the 80s arcade and home computer classic. The aim is to guide Quasimodo across the castle ramparts, swing over fiery pits and the castle moat, avoiding arrows, fireballs and the King’s soldiers to reach Esmerelda.

Unlike “Automania”, my first game, the graphics in this one are all new and the game is not a straight lift from the original. All 15 original levels are there, plus the bonus screen seen in the arcades and as level one of Hunchback II on home computers, plus there are 15 new levels for those who manage to make their way through the first batch!

Download now, and let me know what you think!