The dangers of using the timer function on your camera. The picture on the left is what my friend Claire and I were aiming for on a night out a while ago. Place the camera on the bar, set the timer, strike a pose, big, cheesy smiles and there you have it - a joyous memory of a fun night out. Unfortunately, unsuspecting people passing by can be quite inconsiderate as our first attempt, the picture on the right, proves! To give him credit, he framed himself perfectly in the picture!

While buzzing around Gran Canaria on a little motorbike I spotted the small building below, which on closer inspection, as seen in the second photo, turned out to be a bus stop! I stopped to take the pictures and was laughing to myself thinking about who on earth would get off the bus at this stop in the middle of a desert, miles and miles from anywhere - except maybe some of those weirdos out of The Hills Have Eyes. Just before I set off, a bus pulled up and a group of people got off and wandered off into the dunes…

I always wondered what I would look like if my hair grew back - and Ming was happy to oblige and share hers. I think it takes years off me…
It’s also very nice to look back and see what it was like when I had only the one chin.

I’m not the biggest fan of animals in the world and a day trip to the zoo doesn’t fill me with excitement. But such a day can be brightened up considerably when you manage to snap a photo of two giraffes having sex.

These are a couple of slideshows which I felt were both suited to this page rather than in with the rest of my videos. Above is a collection of my favourite photos of my son, Eddie. This slideshow was created using software specifically for that purpose - ProShow Producer by Photodex. The slideshow below is made up of old family photos and was made using my usual video editing software which gave me a lot more scope for some fancy jiggery-pokery.

Right: This is something I’d not tried before - music mixing. Here we have an almost 14 minute long mix of Janet Jackson’s biggest songs from the eighties. I didn’t struggle to learn some new software to do this professionally - I mixed it all up on my video editing software. OK it might not reach the standard of someone who has all the gear to do it properly, but I think it turned out pretty well. I even started to make a video to it at one point, incorporating the official videos from the songs used. It started off well but I think it started to lose something as I got around half way through so it joined the large pile marked ‘abandoned’. Have a listen to the megamix, though, by clicking on the play button on the right.

Here we have a page of stuff that didn’t really fit under the headings of other pages on the site, including a few photos that always make me smile, a couple of slideshows and even a bit of music mixing!

Well, hello me dearios. Let us join hands and we can all burst forth together in this little video of “The Ballad of the Woggler’s Moulie”. So grundle your parts (your own parts, not anyone else’s). Let your bossocks down, tally-ho and away we go.

For those reading who haven’t the slightest idea of what that last paragraph was all about, you’ve obviously never heard of Kenneth Williams’ character “Rambling Syd Rumpo”. Well you’re in for a treat. Below is a small cartoon I made to one of his more well known songs. I put it together mainly to test a few things out so I haven’t added it to the main Toons section, but I thought it deserved an airing nonetheless.

Rambling Syd Rumpo