Here’s how the game looks compared to the original Spectrum version by Ultimate Play the Game. Above: Title and gameplay screens from the Spectrum. Below: My Amiga version.

Cookie was a computer game originally for the Sinclair Spectrum written by a company called Ultimate Play the Game (now known as Rare). It was always one of my favourites from the early Spectrum days, so around 1994 I set about writing a version for the Commodore Amiga.

The basic idea was that various ingredients would emerge from the pantry to the right and wander about the screen until the chef knocked them into his mixing bowl with bags of flour. At the same time, a creature resembling the cookie monster would poke his head out from the bins below and throw out all sorts of rubbish which, if knocked accidently into the bowl, would increase the number of ingredients required to bake the cake.

Use the download button at the bottom right of this page to download a disk image of the game for use in Amiga Emulators.

Below: A review of the game appeared in The One Amiga magazine dated April 1994 - and didn’t do too badly scoring a respectable 80%!

It also appeared on the cover disk of the same magazine (below, left).


Use the button below to download the game as an ADF disk image for use in Amiga emulators

Left: The tape cassette cover from the original version of the game for the sinclair Spectrum