My first remake of an isometric 3D game. I chose Highway Encounter because, firstly, it was one of my all-time favourite games on the Spectrum, and secondly because it’s a bit easier to make than other isometric games as there is no “height” or jumping involved - I haven’t worked out how to do that yet!

Highway Encounter is a strategy/action game played in a 3D isometric perspective. You must successfully chaperone a bomb along a long stretch of highway to the alien base at the end. There are 30 screens to pass through filled with hazards that threaten to block your progress. Players control a robotic "Vorton" and one of the things that provides Highway Encounter with its unique appeal is that the bomb is constantly being pushed onwards by your extra lives - four more Vortons, accompanying you along the highway. A key strategic element to the game is for the player vorton to travel several screens ahead of the bomb to clear a safe path. This can be done by temporarily blocking the bomb's forward motion, However, if the bomb is left unguarded it is possible for all your lives to be lost without the main vorton being destroyed once. When all lives are lost, the main vorton must manually push the bomb.

Bear Bovver is a platform and ladders game released in 1983 for the ZX Spectrum and was developed by Jon Ritman.

Ted's Sinclair electric truck has broken down and needs new batteries. Ted must climb up the scaffolding and collect the batteries for his electric car. However, there are bovver bears around the site and if they get near, they will capture him. To get rid of them, Ted must use time bombs that are scattered around the site. Once all the batteries for the car he
been collected, the
player moves on to
the next level.


Windows remake

Spectrum original

I started making Bear Bovver for Windows as a distraction from Highway Encounter. It seemed a relatively easy game to make until I got to adding what should have been simple AI for the enemy bears. Unfortunately, getting the AI right turned out to be a mission in itself!