The Fleetway comic timeline, from the launch of Buster in 1960  until the last issue of Buster nearly 40 years later in 2000.

Buytonic Boy: A take on the popular Six Million Dollar Man, this kid had super powers after drinking a magic potion. Main artist: Robert Nixon

Lolly Pop: Hugely wealthy, but equally tight-fisted father. Son Archie nevr got to see a penny! Main artist: Sid Burgon

Gums: A shark who had difficulty hanging on to his false teeth!

The Slimms: The over-sized parents of son Sammy who did everything in his power to cut out their eating. Main artist: Terry Bave

Six Million Dollar Gran: Another take on the Six Million Dollar Man TV show, this time with a super-geriatric. Now I know where the idea for my Wonder Wobbler strip came from!

BELOW: Cover strip from Cheeky Weekly dated September 1978. For exhaustive details on Cheeky Weekly, see the blogspot

Buster, Whoopee, Whizzer and Chips, Krazy, Monster Fun and the rest of the Fleetway weeklies were the comics of my youth. I regularly read five or six different titles a week and when I wasn’t reading them I was using them to shape my own cartoon style and making my own comics - usually sat at the kitchen table of my grandparent’s house.

Looking back, it’s astounding how many comic strips were produced each week by a relatively small number of artists - and the quality of all the strips was top notch!

BELOW: My contribution to Buster Comic dated 12th November 1980 for which I received a “Friends of Buster” t-shirt and £1

ABOVE: Title splash from one of Fleetway’s top characters Frankie Stein, who appeared in Shiver & Shake, Whoopee and Monster Fun

Right: one of the lesser known Fleetway titles, but this cover of Jackpot  from November 1980 shows Fleetway art at it’s best.

For exhaustive information on all the Fleetway comics, strips and artist Fleetway Street - Link below

BELOW: After sending in a comic I’d drawn at home, I was invited to the offices of IPC Magazines where the comics were drawn to have a look around. I saw that the strips were drawn on boards using a nibbed pen and ink. I’d always drawn with felt pens but gave this medium a go - and found it difficult to say the least! Below is one of my efforts - not the best art you will see on this page, but I was only twelve or thirteen years old at the time!