Have you got what it takes to build your very own monster?

The Setting professor f. N. Stein’s laboratory in his castle in the black forest

The Time 1884

The Game 50 screens requiring timing, logic and planning to complete

The Opposition Too many to list here, but featuring snails, bats, ice (it makes you slip), firemens’ poles, man eating pumpkins, spiders, slime (it slows you down), snakes, tanks, springs, electro-pads, mice, lobsters, bumble bees and who knows what else?

The Object As you know, all the best monsters are hand built. Professor stein’s life long ambition has always been to build his own monster - but first he needs all the bits! Guide him around the laboratory picking up the bones in the right order, then activate him by throwing the switch. The longer you take to complete each screen, the higher the charge you will give him and the angrier he will become - so watch out!


The original Spectrum version was by Colin Stewart and published by PSS in 1984 (box art left). The game consists of 50 screens - 25 “main” screens where the professor must build the monster, and 25 “intermediate” screens with randomly generated meanies where the monster must be destroyed when it goes on the rampage!

Adapted from text from the original cassette inlay