I’m not really sure what appealed to me so much about Plug comic. I was never a big fan of D.C. Thompson comics such as The Beano and Dandy. On top of this, on being singled out from The Beano’s Bash Street Kids, Plug suddenly became a kind of sporting freak, which didn’t interest me either. The comic ran for just 75 issues from 24 September 1977 until 24 February 1979, when it merged with The Beezer which was, in my opinion, one of the better Thompson comics. One thing different about Plug comic was that it was printed on a much better quality paper than the other comics of the time, and many of the pages were in glossy full colour - which bumped the price up a bit to (shock, horror) nine pence per issue! The strips inside were pretty cheesy, with one or two of them not even coming close to the standard of artwork on Fleetway’s comics (the artwork on Eddie Daring was awaful!), but this was still the comics I looked forward to the most each week.

To the left, covers of the first three issues of Plug. I started reading from issue 2, but once I’d read a few issues I made it my mission to get hold of issue 1.

Below: Plug had his own club which you could join for the princely sum of 35p. I joined up and received a sew on badge, a folding sports chart and a plastic badge like the one pictured.

Below: What an honour! My name in the pages of Plug comic issue 42 (July 1978). And for my efforts at designing the ‘Plugmobile’ for the letters page I received the rather fetching t-shirt and cap pictured to the right. As I recall, the cap and t-shirt I received were far too small for my 10-year-old build so, unfortunately, they were never worn.

The ancient British settlement of Liverpool invaded by Julius Sneezer and his Roman legions Hugh’s Zoo: The adventures of Hugh and his backyard menagerie Always willing to practice her first aid on any unsuspecting passer-by. Ada also had a St. Bernard dog as a companion. Crazy Horse: The adventures of a… er…. talking horse. Not a lot left to be said! Creatures playing in a band, "fresh from their successful tour of Mars" The Nutcase Bookcase: Plug would star in a 'guide' to doing something, usually with disastrous results THE STRIPS