In PSSST, equipped with three spray cans of the latest insect repellent, smoke and streamers, Robbie the Robot fights to keep the deadly garden pests at bay.

All he has to do is figure out which spray kills each insect outright, as the

wrong spray will only stun them momentarily. If Robbie leaves his plant unattended the insects will swarm all over it, eat the leaves and the plant will wilt and die.

TWO PC remakes

in one. Classic

Spectrum games

by top software


In COOKIE, poor old Charlie the Chef has to daze the ingredients with his flour bombs and knock them into the mixing bowl, because if they go into the dustbins they will be eaten by the bin monster, who doesn't care one little bit where he throws any of his rubbish.

Should any rubbish or nasties get into the cake mix then the "ingredients needed" counter will change and Charlie will have to work quicker and faster if he's going to bake his cake.

One download includes both COOKIE and PSSST

Both games are playable with retro Spectrum visuals and sound and with the modern makeover