The title screen - accompanied by jolly music (Something by Scott Joplin, I think)

Secondary title screen. I don’t know why there are creatures on a trumpet, only that I found out how to get them to bounce in time with the music.

The pyramid map - shows what room you are about to negotiate. A mummy awaits behind the question mark room at the bottom.

And finally, the game screen

The Pyramid is My Amiga version of an early ZX Spectrum game by Bob Hamilton. The aim of the game is to Help Ziggy avoid or shoot the aliens, collect diamond that fall down from above and drop them through the gates to open the exit to the next level. If the diamonds hit an alien they will crumble away and you will have to wait for the next one to come along. I always found the original game to be very difficult, but to be honest I’m not much good at my version either!

Ziggy appeared in two sequels on the Spectrum - Doomsday Castle (right) and Backpackers Guide to the Universe (far right). Doomsday Castle I found even more difficult than the original (but maybe that’s just me). As for Backpackers - I never knew this game existed until I was researching for this page! Chances are II’d be useless at that one too!


Use the button on the right to download the game as an ADF file for use in Amiga Emulators disk image for use in Amiga emulators

Above: YouTube Video playthrough of the whole game. Below: Screenshot of the original Spectrum version.