“Jumping Jack is quick and bold, with skill his story will unfold”

Jumping Jack was released for the Spectrum in 1983 by imagine Software. It’s a nice, simple game and wasn’t too taxing to re-write for the PC. As you can see from the screenshot, I kept the look of the game very much like the original with new sprites adding just a splash of colour.

Each level consists of a set of eight wraparound floors, across which holes scroll; when these holes reach the side of the screen, they move up or down to the next floor, depending on if they're scrolling to the left or right, respectively. The goal in each level is to reach the top, by jumping through the holes; however, each time Jack jumps, a new hole is formed on a randomly chosen floor. Falling though a hole or miscalculating a jump and hitting the ceiling temporarily stuns him and leaves him vulnerable to a hole scrolling underneath him; if he falls all the way to the bottom of the level, he loses a life. Completing a level reveals a

Also released in 1983, The Pyramid was always one of my favourite Spectrum games. Having written a version for the Amiga back in the 19990s, I decided to stick as closely as possible to the original gameplay for this PC version.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be worth making a PC version without a few enhancements from the original, so this version has

verse from the "Ballad of Jumping Jack"; the next level features an extra hole at the start and from the second level onward, monsters appear which stun Jack in the same way as a fall or mistimed jump.

ABOVE Original magazine ad for Jumping Jack (also known as ‘Leggit’