The inspiration for this comic strip came when visiting a holiday camp with my sons. We were in the swimming pool, and lounging at one end was an old, fat man with a big bushy beard. I told Jon it was his big fat uncle Weirdy-Beardy - and the character was born!

As a change, I decided that for the backgrounds for this strip I would use photographs, and then overlay them with the hand-drawn characters. The backgrounds you see are of my own house, Brimsdown train station, the offices where I work and Liverpool Street Station.

Originally, the adventures of Big Fat Uncle Weirdy-Beardy were to take him all over the world. Once he’d got to London, however, I realised that background photographs of the inside of planes and other scenes of famous landmarks from around the globe were going to be a little harder to come by! Pictures I found on the internet never seemed to be exactly what I wanted and were never from the right angle for what was needed. Therefore, Weirdy-Beardy never ventured further than London and his adventures came to an end after just six pages. Click HERE to begin his journey.


Left: Here’s a little taster of what might have been had Uncle Weirdy-Beardy had managed to make it out of London. If the camel looks a little familiar it’s probably because I decided not to waste the artwork and he makes further appearances in my videos Run Samson Run and the Museum Song.
Unfortunately, the rather cure little mummy never re-surfaced, but you never know in future videos…

Weirdy-Beardy 01

Below: The original title graphic for Weirdy-Beardy’s adventures

The other main characters from the story.
Left: Mum.
Right: Poppy, Sonny and Tidge, Weirdy-Beardy’s long-suffering niece and nephews