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Lots of geeky computer stuff here, including games I wrote on the Amiga many years ago to my more recent Windows remakes of old Spectrum games.
You will also find magazine scans of reviews of my Amiga games, screenshots of some of my favourite games from the Spectrum and Amiga years, and even a page from ‘Home Computing Weekly’ containing a type-in music program I made for the Spectrum in the early eighties!

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Welcome to my website. Here you’ll find all sorts of shenanigans - drawings, videos and stuff that influenced them. A large amount of the things you will find, particularly in the Artwork section aren’t finished, mainly due to a low boredom threshold and the fact that I probably found something better to do. But I have kept a lot of the stuff that I created in the past, complete or not, and filled this website with some of the best. As I uncover more bits and pieces or when I produce more videos I will add to the site, and in between those times I will probably just throw more things that just generally interest me at it’s pages. Let me know what you think about any of the site contents using the form below.

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Making videos has been on hold for a while and I’ve been spending my time breathing life into some old ZX Spectrum classic

games. The games of my teenage years have been given a new lease of life with updated graphics and sound and a few new twists and are completely free to download. More info and download links are over in the computers section.

Here are links to software that I have used to create this site and it’s contents

Tons of high quality art and video clips

Software I use for producing art for games and videos, and also  software used to build this site!

Producers of GameMaker