Whatever happened to the fantastics selection of comics available in the seventies and eighties? Whizzer & Chips, Whoopee, Buster, Monster Fun, each one was a work of art in it’s own right. These were the comics I used to read each week and these were the comics that I would sit down and copy for hours at a time. I would make my own comics in the same style, taking tips from the professional artists, particularly Sid Burgon who used to draw the “Joker” strip (pictured below) amongst others.

Most of the comics I used to read were published by FLEETWAY, and used to be found all laid out on the settee ready for me when I visited my Grandad on a Wednesday evening. “Plug” comic was a different matter, and used to be pushed through our letter box on a Friday morning and brought up to me in bed with a cup of tea by my dad (once he’d had a crafty read himself). Friday was Plugday, and still would be if they hadn’t merged it with Beezer after 70-odd issues!

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