Home Games Art Comics Videos About Me Videos Comics Art Games About Me Home The year is 2022. The ZX Spectrum gaming community is still reeling from the sad passing of prolific inventor  and creator of their beloved machine, Sir Clive Sinclair. But deep in the vaults of Sinclair Research lies a secret. A project Sir Clive had cooked up to continue his battle after he had left this world. The Sinclair CS Autobot! Specifically designed to target those emulating the 8-bit wonder on modern hardware. Armed with another of Sir Clive’s ideas, the Sinclair Web-O-Vac, the Autobot goes about his mission, sucking the emulated Spectrum sprites out of their games and into it’s own, modified computer ready to be re-programmed for evil purposes. 12 Levels featuring the best of Project ZX and Project ZX II plus all new content Hidden bonus level 2 Bonus games featuring Horace Over 120 Spectrum games featured The best of Spectrum AY music Collect fully restored cassette inlays of all featured Spectrum games Free to download